Meet Josie..

Josie's Foods, Inc. was launched in June 2004 because of the numerous requests for the recipe for her unique and delightfully different potato salad. From the very first time it was introduced at family gatherings over 20 years ago, it was a huge success. There was never any left over. After years of being told that she should market her potato salad, Josie decided to give it a try.

The basic flavor of Josie's Bistro Potato Salad comes from many years of combining different ingredients to achieve the perfect taste. Smooth and creamy with the right blend of mayonnaise and mustard and combined with other special spices is the reason why these dressings make a perfect potato salad that go with many different types of foods.

Although Josie's Foods was initially started with the intent to make a gourmet potato salad, it was quickly decided that from a consumer's standpoint, developing a potato and pasta dressing would be ideal. Market research also showed that it would be equally convenient for the foodservice industry. Whether in your home kitchen or in a large foodservice establishment, you mix the amount you need so there's no waste.

Best of all, you can now enjoy a delicious tasting, homemade potato or pasta salad dressing from scratch that you can be proud to call your own.