Josie's Potato & Pasta Salad Dressings make delicious potato and pasta salads that you will be proud to serve your family & guests.

Each was created by Josie herself for her family & friends.

"These potato and pasta dressings are my own unique recipes. To make a potato salad that tasted as good as I wanted, I needed to start from scratch and create my very own."

Josie's BISTRO Original Dressing makes a superb gourmet potato salad, a great tasting pasta salad, livens up chicken salad recipes and adds a new zest to burgers or sandwiches. It also makes an excellent dipping sauce for vegetables and party trays.

Josie's BISTRO Chipotle Dressing makes both a delicious southwest-flavored pasta salad and a unique potato salad made with red potatoes and vegetable medley. It also makes an excellent spicy hot-wing dipping sauce and a special dip for healthy vegetable chips!