Two new exciting tastes!

During the Go Texan restaurant month in July 2015, we used Josie’s Chipotle and Original potato dressings. The Chipotle we served as a dipping sauce for our hand-made jalapeno wraps. Our patrons LOVED it. We also used the Original potato and pasta dressing for potato salad and served it with pasta as a side dish. Both of these items were well liked too. Thank you for making such a great product.
∼ Connie Biddy, Ol’Biddy Café, Stratford Texas

The words that come to mind each time I use Josie’s Bistro mixes are awesome, tasty, delicious and my favorite word... convenient. The sauces are pre-mixed and ready to use. I stopped preparing potato salad for years because it was time consuming and tasted different each time I made it. Now all I do is mix it with my potatoes and it comes out consistently delicious every time. There is no substitute for me.
∼ Michelle T.