Everything you ever wanted to know...

Is there really a Josie?

A: Yes, there really is! She really does like and make potato salad as we say here.

Isn't good potato salad hard to make?

A: Not if you have a great recipe and fresh quality ingredients!

No one likes my potato salad! Why is it so hard to make?

A: It's hard because the flavors can conflict or be too bland - but with Josie's Bistro Dressings we think we have the perfect solution and deliver it to you ready-mixed. So now you have the solution. We take the guesswork out of potato salad.

Why are potato salads so different?

A: There are lots of ideas about what a potato salad ought to taste like. Potato salad tastes can be very regional. Southern potato salad is just different from New York deli salad and different from West Coast flavors. Sort of like BBQ!

What else can I use Josie's for?

A: LOTS of things! Besides potato salad, and pasta salad, you can use it as a dip for vegetables and chips, as a dipping sauce for wings, as a sauce on open face burgers, as a spread on deli sandwiches and lots more. Look here.

Do I really have to keep it refrigerated at all times?

A: Both dressings are shelf stable but must be refrigerated after opening.

Want to hear *MY* idea about what to use this for?

A:Absolutely! Our customers have had some GREAT creative ideas on new serving suggestions and uses for our Dressing & Dip. Please let us know yours!

Where can I get the nutritional information on your products?

A:The Nutritional Fact Panels for our products are HERE.